Find Salvation At The Barefoot Walk!

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The Salvation Army Junior Band are to Entertain Barefoot Walkers en route!

salvation army barefoot walk

The Junior Band from The Salvation Army in Derby are excited to be joining us on September 7th to entertain people and keep their spirits flying whilst walking the route around Wollaton Park. The Salvation Army has this to say about themselves on their website:
“The Salvation Army is an integral part of the Christian Church, although distinctive in government and practice. The Army’s doctrine follows the mainstream of Christian belief and its articles of faith emphasise God’s saving purposes. Its objects are ‘the advancement of the Christian religion… of education, the relief of poverty, and other charitable objects beneficial to society or the community of mankind as a whole. The movement, founded in 1865 by William Booth, has spread from London, England, to many parts of the world.”
salvation army barefoot walk
I spoke to Junior Band Leader Dan Milner and he…

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Shipstones At The Barefoot

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Iconic Nottingham brand Shipstone’s hand-crafted beer on sale at The Barefoot Walk!

Shipstones Barefoot Walk

That’s right – for all you real-ale drinkers and CAMRA members, the newly-revived Nottingham beer is going to have it’s own bar at the Barefoot Walk. Nottingham has a heritage in brewing going back into the middle ages from when drinking water was known to be so bad that most Monasteries and aristocracy brewed and drank beer instead. The brewing process sterilized the beers rendering it safe to drink and the alcohol made it pretty enjoyable. The most famous venue for Nottingham’s brewing heritage was at the base of the rocks at Nottingham Castle, where the caves provided perfect cooled cellars for fermentation and storage. The mineral properties of the Nottingham’s water made its beers iconic and its reputation spread through folk songs and ballads.

shipstones bar barefoot walk

More recently, entrepreneur Richard Neale has brought this brand back to life by buying the rights…

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Ratchet VIP Summer Party!

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Ratchet Summer Party!

Ratchet Summer Party

Get down to Ratchet Clothing in Long Eaton today & tomorrow for the VIP Summer Party. You can buy official Barefoot Walk t-shirts from here! Also, appearances by Stateside, Nick Celino,  Will McGuinness, Holly Barker plus fashion show, BBQ, crazy discounts and much, much more!

Ratchet Barefoot Walk

You can find Ratchet here:

Ratchet Clothing
Wilsthorpe Road
Long Eaton
Nottingham NG10 3LE

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Zapped by TAZER!

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Tazer Barefoot Walk

Set your ears to STUN and get ready to be TAZERed!

Described as “The Black Keys in a fist fight with the Rolling Stones”, this ultra-cool, undergound rock combo will blow you away like a polar bear with a flame-thrower!

Tazer Barefoot Walk

Featured in Nusic and BBC Introducing, Tazer promise relentless road-movie soundtrack jams that will have you buzzing at The Barefoot this year! Check out the intro to the track Buggin Me:

“I could say this track comes at you like a runaway freight-train. I could say that it hits you like a North-shore big wave. I could even say it’s fast n’ loose boogie-woogie rock n’ roll. But all of those would be clichés. Imagine Canned Heat hitchin’ a ride in the back of George Thorogood’s pick-up truck and then colliding with a bluegrass band in a chicken truck running moonshine. If you can’t imagine that then get bent…

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Step Barefoot Into The Arena

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This year, as well as a Live Music Stage, we also have a Live Entertainment Arena!

Live Arena Barefoot Walk

There is so much more to do at this year’s Barefoot Walk! There won’t be any tigers (the deer wouldn’t sign off on it) and there won’t be any Crowe’s (sorry folks) – but I promise that we are going to be having so much fun you won’t even mind. We have several Live Acts to delight and amaze you whilst you sit back and enjoy the food, drink, music etc that is your reward for doing The Barefoot Walk.

bellydancing barefoot

I mentioned BellyDancing so that means I can legally show this pic of Lee Todd bellydancing again!

As revealed yesterday, we already have a fantastic Barefoot Belly Dance Experience happening in the arena but that was just the tip of the iceberg!

We also have the fabulous guys from Electric Rainbow doing amusements…

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Belly-Dancing at the Barefoot Walk!

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We will have fantastic, authentic Belly-Dancing at The Barefoot Walk – courtesy of Eleanor!

Eleanor Belly Dancer Barefoot Walk

This year at The Barefoot Walk we will be having Live Entertainment in our Main Arena and the amazing Eleanor is just one of the fantastic acts we have lined up for you! Family-friendly and lots of fun, Eleanor will be teaching the brave and the curious how to belly dance like a pro. We saw Eleanor at the Hemlock Happening earlier this year and it was great fun for all who took part – kids, adults – even our Founder Lee Todd got up and bust a move (and his hip)!

bellydancing barefoot

Eleanor has been studying Oriental Dance since the age of 13. Eventually she started teaching her own classes in Sheffield and developed as a performer both individually and with her dance troupe, Yalla Danse Souers. In that time she performed on National TV for Children in…

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Every Footstep, Every Heartbeat

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Join us on September 7th for The Barefoot Walk to show your support for The British Heart Foundation!

BHF Barefoot Walk

The British Heart Foundation is one of the 5 charities we are fundraising for this year (EVERY penny we raise goes to charity). The money that The British Heart Foundation raises goes towards the fight against heart disease, one of the world’s most prolific killers. The following details from the British Heart Foundation website show exactly why you should join us on September 7th at Wollaton Park:

British Heart Foundation

Dedicated to the fight against heart disease

Our task is to keep hearts beating and we focus our work on our groundbreaking research.

We are the UK’s number one heart charity and through 50 years of funding cutting edge research we have already made a big difference to people’s lives.

But the landscape of heart disease is changing. More people survive a heart attack…

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Where Do All The Shoes Go?

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You’re bringing all your unwanted shoes with you to The Barefoot Walk – but what happens next?

barefoot walk shoes

Introducing – The National Police Aid Convoy!

National Police Aid Convoys Barefoot Walk

Let us tell you about The National Police Aid Convoy (NPAC) - the wonderful people who will take your shoes from Wollaton Park on September 7th and take them to the other side of the world to those in need.

NPAC National Police Aid Convoy

In 1993 at the height of the Balkans wars, the NPAC was formed to carry humanitarian aid to refugee camps. At the end of the wars they built on their experience and continued procuring and delivering humanitarian and development aid to wherever the need was identified. Assisted by mobile telephones, the internet and email – they have grown into a formidable NGO with a solid base of good volunteers working to their many strengths. As they grew and extended outside of Nottinghamshire, they registered the charity in the UK and…

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GEM 106 FM at The Barefoot Walk

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The Barefoot Events Team are thrilled that our friends at Gem 106 FM will be joining in with us again this year!

GEM 106 Barefoot Walk

We had so much fun with them last year and lots of people got to hear about us from their broadcasts too! The Gem Stars were all lovely people who got into the spirit of the event and engaged with the public on the day which was great to see. Even Sammy The Hamster was there making new friends – young AND old!

Gem106 Barefoot Walk Arisxandra Libantino

Sammy The Hamster meets X-Factor Semi-Finalist Arixsandra Libantino who performed for us last year

Having the support of a local broadcaster such as Gem 106 means a lot to us at The Barefoot Walk because, as much fun as we have on the day, we never forget that all our efforts are centred on raising as much money for charity as possible. Gem 106 have…

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PSP Association Fundraising at The Barefoot Walk!

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The Barefoot Walk warmly welcomes a team from The PSP Association!

Supporters of the PSP Association will whip off their shoes to take on the 5km walk to raise funds for their cause. The PSP Association helps people with two terminal degenerative brain diseases, Progressive Supranuclear Palsy and Cortico Basal Degeneration . They carry out lots of fundraising activities for those affected and are motivated, dedicated and lots of fun!

Some of the dedicated PSP fundraisers - doing their thing!

Because The Barefoot Walk is a unique event – we allow allow other charities to piggy-back our event to raise money for themselves. We believe that this means more people within the community can be included, more people can take part in the event and more people can feel the benefits. We truly believe that when Everybody’s Welcome – Everybody Wins!

Charity Barefoot Walk

If you want to follow in PSP’s (barefoot) footsteps – read here to find out how YOUR charity…

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